Residential & Commercial Appraisal Services

For Sale By Owner

Thinking of selling your home? We can help you to determine your home’s value based on similar properties and your own home’s unique features.

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Removal

Are you currently paying for Private Mortgage Insurance? Midwest Home Values may be able to help you to save hundreds of dollars a month on your mortgage by removing your PMI.

Bank & Mortgage Appraisals

Know whether or not to approve your client’s loan through our quality assessment of property value.

Estate Planning

Wondering where to start with your estate planning? An appraisal can help you to determine the value of your home or other properties.

Divorce Appraisals

In the midst of a divorce? Midwest Home Values can help you to determine the value of your property assets.

Date of Death Valuation

Midwest Home Values can perform a retrospective appraisal, also known as an historical appraisal, to determine the fair market value of an estate at time of death.

Appraisal Services to Fit Your Needs

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